V-Ray 2 SP1 Build 2.10.01 x32-x64 all 3DS Max Eng

V-Ray 2 SP1 Build 2.10.01 x32-x64 all 3DS Max Eng

V-Ray — мощный инструмент рендеринга, обрабатывающий Depth of Field (насыщенность четкости), Motion Blur (спецэффект «размытия» при перемещении), Displacement (карта смещения, с увеличением обработки 3D объектов). Помимо этого, V-ray имеет собственные места освещения, схема солнце-небосвод для естественного освещения естественным светом, и физическую камеру с свойствами, соответствующими реальным фото и видеокамерам. Методика Vray Proxy дает возможность производить расчет весьма больших массивов однотипных объектов, собранных суммарно из многих миллиардов полигонов. Свои шейдеры обеспечивают Вам большие возможности для имитации практически любых материалов. V-Ray SDK дает возможность как программировать собственные шейдеры, а так же адаптировать систему под выполнение всевозможных задач.

Вот некоторые новшества в версии 2.0:
* Shademap Cache ускоряет просчет глубины резкости и размытие в движении.
* Поддержка физически корректной дисперсии в родных виреевских материалах.
* VRayDistanceTex. То же самое, что и VRayDirt, но рассчитывается до трассировки лучей, и, в отличие от VRayDirt, эта текстура может быть использована для контроля дисплейса, длины меха и т.д.
* V-Ray Exposure Control. Позволяет контролировать экспозицию точно так же, как это делается при использовании V-Ray Physical camera, с обычными камерами или в окнах проекций.
* V-Ray Lens Effects – Glare и Bloom. Эффекты могут быть корректно просчитаны только при использовании виреевской камеры.

Список изменений в V-Ray 2 SP1 Build 2.10.01 official:
New features:
(*) Separate VRayFlakesMtl material with just the flakes from the VRayCarPaintMtl material;
(*) Added VRayGLSL material for direct rendering of GLSL shaders with V-Ray extensions;

Modified features:
(*) The V-Ray RT render server prints out some more information in GPU mode (useful for troubleshooting);
(*) Added access to the V-Ray material override exclude list from MaxScript;
(*) Support for the four FumeFX render elements;
(*) Ability to call the \”Calculate\” and \”Save to CSV file\” operations on the VRayLightMeter from MaxScript;
(*) The \”Browse\” button for the \”Split channels\” file name now opens the folder with the currently selected name (if any);
(*) Added an environment override slot for VRayCarPaintMtl material;
(*) Added bump slot for the base layer of VRayCarPaintMtl material;
(*) Ability to turn off \”trace reflections\” for separately for each layer of the VRayCarPaintMtl material;
(*) Added MaxScript function, vrayEditDRSettings(), to open the DR settings window;
(*) Added possibility to specify user command-line options to 3dsmax.exe when started from the V-Ray DR spawner;
(*) VRayMtlID and VRayObjectID render elements now have an option to generate colors instead of integers for proper antialiasing;
(*) XML output for the VRayRenderID render element;
(*) MaxScript-only option \”dome_visibleOriginal\” for dome lights to control filtering of the light texture for glossy rays;
(*) Added an option to VRayToon to compensate the camera exposure;
(*) Ability to map the radius in VRayDistanceTex with a texture;
(*) Option in VRayDistanceTex for a solid inside color;
(*) Custom V-Ray materials now work in the Hair&Fur modifier;
(*) Hair&Fur now produces the same object ID as the emitter object;
(*) The V-Ray bitmap to VRayHDRI converter script did not take into account the input gamma of textures;
(*) Crash with particular pre-render script that turns off V-Ray lights before rendering;
(*) VRayBlendMtl material blocks the material IDs of its sub-materials;
(*) V-Ray RT: Added support for RPManager material;

Bug fixes:
(*) Noise with \”Clamp output\” option enabled produced noisy renders;
(*) Hilights from the base reflection layer of VRayCarPaintMtl material were darker than they should be;
(*) Slow rendering with many overlapping VRayProxy primitives;
(*) Randomly missing gizmos when rendering VRayEnvironmentFog;
(*) VRayLights that exclude an object could still affect that object through GI;
(*) Rendering with GI may use more detailed texture mip-map levels than necessary;
(*) VRayHDRI may not respect the specified memory limit for tiled textures;
(*) Crashes with particle systems with 3d displacement and motion blur enabled;
(*) Spikes with 3d displacement with \”Keep continuity\” enabled and particular bad geometry;
(*) Incorrect velocity element with VRayFur;
(*) Image copied from VFB to clipboard had the first column of pixels swapped for the last one;
(*) Loading an image in the V-Ray VFB with a different resolution did not work correctly;
(*) img2tiledexr used wrong formula when converting images from sRGB color space;
(*) vrim2exr did not preserve the pixel aspect information in the resulting .exr file;
(*) ply2vrmesh can convert RealFlow .bin files to .vrmesh files;
(*) VRayExposureControl was not accessible from MaxScript;
(*) Script error when there is a VRayPlane object in the scene;
(*) VRayPhysicalCamera in \”Movie\” mode was not exported correctly;
(*) Mesh lights were not exported with the .vrscene exporter script;
(*) Fringes on the edges of flakes in VRayCarPaintMtl material;
(*) Crash with VRayCarPaintMtl material when rendering of texture maps is globally disabled;
(*) Warning about \”Retrace threshold\” and \”Use light cache for glossy rays\” was printed even when not using the light cache;
(*) Exception after rendering when the \”V-Ray raw image file\” is chosen and the V-Ray VFB is not enabled;
(*) The V-Ray presets did not load if they were saved on a system where the decimal symbol is \”,\”;
(*) The file save dialog for .vrimg/.exr files was not resizable;
(*) The VRayFastSSS2 material was not exported by the .vrscene MaxScript exporter;
(*) The VRayLightSelect element allowed the user to pick meshes instead of just lights;
(*) Incorrect velocity element when rendering Hair&Fur natively;
(*) The .dra file exported from the Hair&Fur plugin is now moved to the temporary 3ds Max folder instead of the root one;
(*) Wrong spelling for \”affect specular\” option in VRaySun;
(*) Slow rendering of VRayEnvironmentFog with animated Noise texture;
(*) V-Ray RT: Objects could disappear in animation;
(*) V-Ray RT: When used as production renderer, animation of deforming objects was ignored;
(*) V-Ray RT: Wrong exposure when physical camera type was \”Move cam\” or \”Video cam\”;
(*) V-Ray RT: VRayEdgesTex was listed as incompatible with V-Ray RT;
(*) V-Ray RT: 3ds Max froze if V-Ray RT was working as an ActiveShade renderer and the user attempted to run V-Ray RT as production renderer;
(*) V-Ray RT: .vrscene export was not correct if the system decimal symbol was \”,\”;
(*) V-Ray RT: When V-Ray RT was used as production renderer and max. paths per pixel was 0, it was always reset to 64;
(*) V-Ray RT: ActiveShade rendering is now paused when doing normal production rendering;
(*) V-Ray RT: Render restarted when changing a perspective view, even if the ActiveShade window was locked to using another camera;
(*) V-Ray RT: Scene was empty if motion blur was enabled;
(*) V-Ray RT: Problem with canceling batch render of animations;
(*) V-Ray RT: Adding new objects/lights is not reflected in the ActiveShade window in 3ds Max 2012;
(*) V-Ray RT: Standard camera FOV animation was not working;
(*) V-Ray RT: Support for the \”Camera map per pixel\” texture;
(*) V-Ray RT: ParticleFlow systems did not update when an animation with V-Ray RT as production renderer;
(*) V-Ray RT: Camera target distance was not updated correctly when rendering through Backburner;
(*) V-Ray RT: Issue with VRayLightMtl material inside a VRayBlendMtl material;
(*) V-Ray RT GPU: Textures for the color of VRayLightMtl material did not work

Процедура лечения:
1. Копируем с заменой файлы vrayхххх.dll и cgauth.dll из папки Crack в корневую директорию 3ds MAX
2. Копируем с заменой файл cgauth.dll из папки Crack в папку :\\Program Files\\Chaos Group\\V-Ray\\RT for 3ds Max хххх for x64\\bin
3. enjoy it

Год выпуска: 2011
Версия: Build 2.10.01
Платформа: 3Ds MAX 9.0, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Разрядность: 32bit/64bit
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Размер: 354.56 Mb / 400.48 Mb

: V-Ray 2 SP1 Build 2.10.01 x32-x64 all 3DS Max Eng

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